10-11 september photo workshop: backstage and photos

Devastated. 2 days’ shooting and retouching with photographers coming from half Europe. From saturday at  10 a.m. to sunday 2 a.m. (or monday!?!?).

Trying to recover some energy and write this post to say thank you to every single one of the partecipants for the energy and the passion that they showed on the set, despite different cultures, ideas and languages.

Hope you will go back in your country knowing a tiny bit more of technique but keeping in mind that if you put yourself in your pictures and you forget about your equipment, your pictures will be better.

Simplify rather than complicate. Less is more.

So thanks because trying to explain this to you, I made it clearer to myself.

P.S.: On saturday the drinking competition wasn’t bad either! 😉




Rest of the backstage pictures is here: http://www.giuseppecirchetta.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/NA-FullBS/index.html . Enjoy!


  1. salvo:


  2. valentina:

    Mi piacciono tanto i tuoi scatti se dovessi aver bisogno di una stylist contattami!!!
    Valentina Airoldi

  3. Malou:

    Thanks again Guiseppe it was a great workshop! I enjoyed it so much including the al fresco dining! Hope to be able to learn and work with you again..maybe in Dubai next time?

  4. Giuseppe:

    Dubai…mmm, that could be an idea! Keep in touch :)

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